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Centralize your planning and streamline collaboration so that everything you plan, happens. Make sure you know you are reaching your marketing goals as you plan, create, publish and analyze all your content in only one place.


Marketing Workflow


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Production Dashboard

Stay on top of your team’s progress as soon as you log in to Contentools. Visualize everything that’s happening and easily spot any production bottlenecks you should keep an eye on.

Marketing Dashboard

Strategy and Personas

Register and master your personas and strategy as you handily attach the necessary information to each of your briefings.

Strategy and Personas

Ideas Pipeline

Keep track of all your content ideas as they are registered in only one place. Easily control their approval and schedule their production.

Brainstorm Ideas

SEO and Content Editor

Create assertive content by having all of the information you need at your disposal. Quickly access your briefing and check your SEO as you edit your copy.

SEO & Content Editor


Keep everyone on the same page with clear directives. Never wonder “who’s doing what” or “where you are” in a project. With Contentools, the entire workflow is in one place.

Content Marketing Workflow

Marketing Calendar

Track the status of any piece of content your team is working on. Smoothly schedule publishing as you drag and drop content on your own collaborative calendar.

Content Marketing Calendar

Social Media Scheduling

Schedule dozens of social media messages in bulk and eliminate the guesswork in social scheduling.

Social Media Scheduling

1000+ Integrations

Contentools can be configured to work with over 1000 websites and apps via Zapier + native integrations.

Content Marketing Integrations

Analytics and Insights

Instantly know what type of content performs best with your audience. Track, measure (and re-share) your best content.

Marketing Analytics Artificial Inteligence

Integrated with over 1000 softwares and apps

Is your team on Slack? Is your content backup on Google Drive or Dropbox? Make sure your content transitions between platforms seamlessly. Integrate your Contentools account with your team’s favorite software and watch the magic happen!

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