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Growth Hackers

Welcome to the future of marketing

Marketers need to understand and reach the right customers to achieve marketing goals. To gain a deeper understanding of customers, marketers first need to look at customer behavior patterns and trends, then take action to reach the right people just in time. That calls for the right platform.

Artificial Intelligence for Marketing

Introducing MAX: Insights powered by artificial intelligence

Searching for ‘What happened’, investigating ‘Why this happened’ and delivering the ‘How to solve’, using Marketing tools data (Google Analytics, Contentools and more).

Max Marketing Assistant

Here’s a glimpse of how I can help

Proactive Recommendations

Proactive or actionable insights are those recommendations Max provides which require your authorization or action. Adding a specific channel to an existing campaign, or anything that requires insight into the business logic on your side are all part of the recommendations Max will serve up on an ongoing, continuous basis.

Informative Insights

Informative insights include performance discovery for specific audiences or segments, specific geo-regions, time of day/day of the week, attribution analysis, optimization tactics and much more. Max wants you to know what she’s finding and the decisions she’s taking behind the scenes while you sit back and reap the benefits.

Segment Analysis and Creation

Max’s targeting is based on your objectives, previously collected Contentools data, and Google Analytics results.

► Segments can include current customers, site visitor segments, lookalike audiences, or entirely new audience

► She tests hundreds of variables against these segments

► Max will only focus efforts in areas that drive conversions and increase engagement, identifying entirely new audiences as he goes

Max is busy continuously learning, maintaining constant optimization and analysis of your campaigns, answering questions you may never have thought to ask and freeing you up to focus on higher value problem-solving.

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