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Become a Pilot Agency Partner

Contentools’s Pilot Partner Program is for agencies that want to scale their Content Marketing services.

As a Pilot Partner, you’ll get a special training for you and your team to start controlling all your content projects using Contentools. And for the duration of your partnership, a Contentools channel success consultant will also provide in depth business consulting with a focus on sales, revenue generation and management optimization for your agency.




Contentools Pilot Program

The Contentools Pilot Program allows agencies that provide Content Marketing services to manage all their customer’s content projects from one place.

Scale your Content Marketing service

Manage in-house, remote or mixed specialized teams for each of your customers.




Show your customers you know what you are doing

Provide your customers with the technology they need to watch their Content Marketing thrive!

Manage your own Content Marketing

Make sure your own Content Marketing strategy booms as you reach your own marketing goals.



Become a real Pilot: let go of your Frankenstool!

Say goodbye to all your spreadsheets, docs, e-mails and manual checklists.

Manage all your Content Marketing in one place

Scale your own business by controlling all of your customer’s projects in a platform designed specifically for that. Empower your current team to double the number of projects they currently take care of by providing them with the right technology.


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