The best way to guide your target customers into solving their problems (with your solution).

Content Marketing has been used by the best marketing teams in the world to boost sales funnels and shorten the sales cycle through lead education. After working closely with over 1000+ Content Marketing teams from all over the world, Contentools realized the Content Marketing Methodology relies on 6 major steps that include a 4-step cycle. Here is how it works:


Map your Content Strategy

Document your personas and your buyer’s journey. Set your own voice tone and describe the stages of your sales funnel.

Gather your Team

Understand the set of skills you need in your team and find the best professionals to help you reach your goals.



Settle your Editorial Calendar

Register your content ideas, schedule and manage their production to keep up with your editorial calendar.

Create High-Quality Content

Make sure everyone on your team knows their part and are ready to cooperate to create amazing content on schedule.



Boost your Content Distribution

Distribute your content to make sure it reaches your audience at the right moment.

Measure and Analyze Results

Make the ends meet by bringing insights from your own data to enrich your editorial planning and make it even more assertive.


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